Offering 1 to 1 therapy, using an integrative approach, drawing on learning from the following disciplines:

The psychodynamic, client-centered, behaviorist, cognitive, family therapy, Gestalt therapy, Eriksonian hypnotherapy, body-psychotherapies, self psychology, and transactional analysis all considered within a dynamic systems perspective.

Her approach to therapy centres on the following principles:

• Working with you to identify your presenting issue and together deciding on the target outcome of your treatment

• Helping you to reframe unhelpful thoughts, urges and the uncomfortable sensations; and calling them what they really are.

• Re-focusing and directing your attention toward an activity or mental process that is more productive – even while the false and deceptive urges, thoughts, impulses, and sensations are still present and bothering you.

• Re-valuing and enabling you to see the thoughts, urges, and impulses for what they are: sensations caused by beliefs that are not true and that have little to no value.

Sonia’s original training was in Client Centred Counselling, followed by undertaking a four year intensive Hypnotherapy Training Programme (Diploma NCH) and is registered with the Hypnotherapy Association. She is currently undertaking further training in stress relieving techniques to respond to trauma.