Offering 1 to 1, group and team supervision using a process of reflective inquiry, dialogue and supportive challenge. Developing bespoke programmes nationally, regionally and locally for Local Authorities, Schools, NHS Trusts and voluntary sector agencies.

Professionals in the helping professions frequently report feelings of stress and anxiety, which is often related to workplace tensions and demands. Supervision enables these issues to be explored and understood. This in turn can have a positive impact both on behaviour and emotional well being.

Supervision is a quality conversation that can help professionals to explore their assumptions and beliefs and how this may impact on their working practice.

The purpose of supervision will be an opportunity to explore the following:

• Inquiry into responses, reactions and attitudes
• Managing anxiety and stress levels
• Insight into themselves and their client groups
• Wider systemic issues requiring organisational/policy responses
• Creation of a learning culture and an improved quality working experience

Her approach to supervision centres around three principles:

piechart Relationship: Building trust is essential and requires getting to know you, by listening to the wisdom of your experience where you are safe to question your practice.

Reflection: Inviting you to step back and review your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how this may impact on your work.

Resilience: Exploring your individual ability to deal with adversity as well as practical tips on how to build greater resilience in your work setting.