Sonia Mayor understands that the way that people in your organisation talk and listen to each other is directly related to the way they successfully achieve outcomes for their clients.

A key aspect in her work is to create a space for practitioners to slow down and inquire into their working practice. Only in a space where it is safe to question our thinking and opinions is it possible to learn at sufficient depth.palmerquotebox





Increasingly, we are in a culture of doing ‘more for less’ with an expectation to deliver high quality services in times of economic uncertainty. Yet some exceptional organisations are flourishing in this climate and, when questioned, consistently cite their focus is on creating a learning environment that engages and motivates their employees. In order to achieve this Sonia pays attention to three areas: relationships, reflection and resilience.

Offering 1 to 1, group and team supervision using a process of reflective inquiry, dialogue and supportive challenge. Developing bespoke programmes nationally, regionally and locally for Local Authorities, Schools, NHS Trusts and voluntary sector agencies.

Offering standardised training on many aspects of supervision, including safeguarding, restorative and reflective supervision practice as well as delivering bespoke packages on staff development and well being. For professionals working in the helping professions, particularly, with vulnerable children, adults and families.

Offering Facilitation Support, engaging groups in meaningful dialogue, healthy decision making, dealing with difficult issues and creating an environment where people can be heard and understood.

Offering 1 to 1 therapy, using an integrative approach, drawing on learning from the following disciplines:

The psychodynamic, client-centered, behaviorist, cognitive,
family therapy, Gestalt therapy, Eriksonian hypnotherapy, body-psychotherapies,
self psychology, and transactional analysis all considered within a dynamic systems perspective.

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